Why You Should Acquire an Anonymous Debit Card

A standard bank card carries the name of its holder. It is possible, however, to acquire an anonymous pay card that you can use for making all sorts of payments. You can also withdraw cash from an ATM and the machine will not know your personal data. You can remain truly incognito when paying with your anonymous card. Well, incognito to a certain degree.

Debit and credit cards both allow for anonymity. If you wish to utilize an anonymous debit card, all that’s necessary to create it is placing some funds in an account with any financial institution; while your financial account might remain nameless and anonymous on paper, all information regarding its transactions remains within its database.

The same holds for an anonymous credit card. When acquiring a credit card, you are taking a loan from the bank and of course, the bank administration will want to know your personal data to give out a loan to you. Thus, the transactions that you make with the help of your anonymous credit card will also be transparent for the bank. At the same time, no other institution or person is going to have access to this information. The card does not carry your name and the card chip and magnetic stripe do not know who you are either. Therefore, the ATM will not know who is withdrawing cash and the POS terminal will not know who is making the payment. Thus, an anonymous pay card allows keeping your transactions secret from everybody except for the bank.

Main advantages of an anonymous debit card

A debit card has to be linked to your bank account. It can be a personal or a corporate bank account, which can make an anonymous debit card handy if you want to use it for corporate payments.

Travel and pay in different countries easily with your anonymous debit card! Even though yours may not support multiple currencies, currency conversion can automatically take place so no matter which country you find yourself, your anonymous card can make payments without issue – no matter the currency used! Furthermore, this card not only does not bear your name, but can be easily identified via its number and bank’s name even though its holder cannot be tracked back directly.

You can also make international money transactions with the help of your anonymous card. Besides, you can use it to buy products in Internet shops. Please note, however, that some financial institutions issue anonymous cards that do not have a CVC code on the back. You will be unable to use such a card for online payments.

Money can be added to an anonymous debit card by loading cash directly into an ATM, or making transfers between accounts that you hold – an easier option may be linking the anonymous debit card directly with PayPal, for instance, so as to simplify transactions even further online.

An anonymous debit card can also change hands freely. Your family member or your co-workers can use the anonymous card that is linked to your account.

An anonymous debit card can also make a good present. If you don’t know what present to buy for somebody’s birthday, for example, and you don’t feel like giving cash instead of a gift, you can give the person an anonymous debit card. First, this will resemble a traditional gift in a way and second, you can put as much money in the card account as you wish.

Besides, you can transfer salaries to your employees from your anonymous debit card if you are a small business owner, for instance. If you want to give one of them a special bonus, you can use your anonymous card again.

In some instances, your personal presence is not required if you would like to obtain an anonymous debit card. Some financial institutions will issue such cards remotely.

Anonymous credit cards

Some banks will also issue anonymous credit cards to their customers. Personal credit cards can be extremely convenient if you require loans quickly. But be mindful that application for one requires at least several days or a whole week until being issued the card – because banks need time to emboss your personal name on it and this takes some time – meaning at least two visits must be paid to collect it when available.

One anonymous credit card allows you to obtain loans within 10 minutes without multiple visits to a bank; simply mention it once to them, ask for one, and they’ll hand it right over!Why does the manager need these few minutes? To register the card in your name and to link it with your personal account. Yes, your credit card is not going to carry your name but the bank will not give a loan to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, of course. The bank administrators certainly want to know who they are issuing a loan to.

This means that you have to be a client of the bank if you are to be able to get an anonymous credit card from them. You have to have a personal account with the bank and probably hold a personal card issued by the bank. Only in this case can you qualify for an anonymous credit card. We have to note that not all banks offer an opportunity to apply for an anonymous credit card.

Disadvantages of anonymous cards

In addition to numerous advantages, anonymous pay cards have some disadvantages too. First, they are not completely safe. If you lose your anonymous pay card, another person can theoretically withdraw money from it without your consent.

Second, anonymous pay cards normally have shorter validity terms in comparison to personal cards. This means that an anonymous card has to be reissued more often that a personal card does. If there is a card reissuance fee, this means extra costs. Besides, while personal cards are often reissued automatically by the bank, anonymous cards are not. You have to order a new anonymous card every time when your old card expires, which means paying a visit to the bank.

Third, the functionality of anonymous cards can be limited in some instances. For example, you may be unable to make an online purchase with the help of an anonymous card as we have noted above. Many Internet shops require that you supply both the card number and the car holder’s name when paying for a product online. Since your card does not carry the holder’s name, it is not going to be accepted by the seller.

Finally, card maintenance costs are higher if you use an anonymous card. Speaking about an anonymous debit card, the monthly card maintenance fee will normally be higher. If you use an anonymous credit card, the interest rate is higher than it is with a personal credit card. Thus, anonymous cards have both advantages and disadvantages.

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