Paula Sunshine Obituary And Cause Of Her Death What Heppen To Her!

Paula Sunshine’s life story exemplifies the power of love, family and laughter. Born into Healdton Oklahoma’s close-knit community she flourished into an amazing individual; thus setting in motion an unfolding journey which revealed who she truly was as well as illuminating a legacy as bright as its name implies.

Who was Paula Sunshine?

Born August 28 1963 to Jim Fulton and LaVeda Featherstone in Oklahoma City, Paula Sunshine epitomized what life in Oklahoma should be all about: growing up in Healdton before eventually moving with Kenny to Yukon with him later, Paula epitomised Oklahoman values of community and family ties while remaining true to herself as an individual – nurturing spirit, homemaker, loving mother/grandmother who brought great happiness to others with her presence and warmth throughout.

What Defined Paula’s Approach to Family?

Paula had an unparalleled commitment to her family. From raising Jennifer and Jamie in Yukon, Paula instilled them with the importance of love, respect, and joy; not just within themselves but with all those they encountered as Paula did so as well – from grandchildren to her own kids she made sure every person she came into contact with felt this same love from Paula – including herself! Her approach to family was simple yet profound: love unconditionally and laugh often – something which strengthened her family bonds further while having lasting impacts far beyond its borders as Paula left lasting impressions wherever she went – leaving an impactful lasting impactful impression upon all those she encountered throughout their lifetimes!

How Did Paula Impact Her Community?

Its While Paula’s primary role was that of mother and homemaker, her influence extended far beyond its boundaries. Paula became beloved figure throughout Yukon through her infectious sense of humor and warmth – something made apparent through her involvement in local events or simply being an attentive neighbor; Paula made life better for those she interacted with every day by spreading joyous positivity that made her an invaluable member of society.

Paula Sunshine leaves behind an unforgettable legacy of love, laughter and kindness. She served as an example to those she came in contact with of how precious every moment with loved ones should be and of how even small acts of kindness could make an immense difference in peoples’ lives – her legacy not just exists through memories but is evidenced through lessons of affection that were imparted upon all who knew her.

Looking back at Paula’s Life: Can We Draw Any Conclusions?

When reflecting upon Paula’s life and learning its lessons, several key takeaways become apparent: (1) the value and strength of familial love. (2) how laughter brings people together while lifting spirits during dark moments in life. And thirdly: living our lives for others’ well being and happiness by prioritizing those things which matter while taking joy in every aspect of daily living like Paula taught us –

How Can We Honor Paula’s Memory?

In honoring Paula, we can strive to embody her values. By nurturing relationships with love and laughter, supporting those in need, and living life with positivity like she did, we keep Paula’s light alive while further spreading it across society.

Final Thoughts

Paula Sunshine has left behind us an irreparable hole. Yet her legacy lives on through love she showed to all she met as well as laughter she spread around. Paula reminded us what truly mattered, while leaving behind lessons we will hold close in our daily lives thanks to Paula. As we remember Paula we should hold onto those lessons she imparted so her light may continue shining bright. Rest in Peace Paula Sunshine; your legacy of laughter and hopefulness will forever live on in us all.

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