Michele Cathy Smith Cause Of Death What Happened To Lorenzo Lamas Ex-Wife?

Michele Cathy Smith was known to many through being Shayne Lamas’s mother on “Leave It To Lamas”. Unfortunately, Michele passed away this past Saturday at 60 and left an everlasting legacy of love and memories that will always be held dear by those she touched throughout life. Michele will always be fondly remembered.

How is Shayne Lamas Coping With Her Loss?

Shayne Lamas has been left devastated by Michele’s sudden passing at 32, suffering an immense sense of loss and anguish as she mourns the impact Michele had in her life. To express this sorrowful state of affairs she took to Instagram with an emotive post; “Mommy it hurts so much. Please help ease my sadness at losing you”, wrote Shayne expressing the immense impact Michele had had.

What Is Known of Michele’s Death?

As reported by Radar Online, Michele’s death remains unclear and unexplained. As stated by the Coroner’s office, no immediate cause could be established and plans for toxicology tests as part of ongoing investigations were discussed as one approach to understanding her passing. To add further distress to Michele’s family members was her body not yet being collected by them due to its suddenness and unexpected nature of Michele’s passing.

Who Was Michele Married To?

Michele Cathy Smith had been engaged to Lorenzo Lamas, an actor best-known for his multiple marriages and financial struggles. They tied the knot in 1983 but eventually separated two years later due to financial strain. Lorenzo celebrated turning 60 the day Michele died; with five divorces under his belt as well as financial issues caused by multiple spouses over his lifetime, this relationship had many twists and turns over its short lifespan.

How Has Lorenzo Lamas’ Marital History Affected His Life?

Lorenzo Lamas’s personal life, particularly his marital history, has attracted much public interest. His most recent marriage in May 2011 to Shawna Craig reportedly faltered after sources close to both partners revealed potential problems within their union. Shawna, in her appearance on Second Wives Club revealed some details regarding Lorenzo such as his parental responsibilities towards six children as well as financial burdens from two previous divorces he endured.

What Was Shayne Lamas’ Experience Like on The Bachelor?

Shayne Lamas first gained public awareness through her participation on Season 12 of reality dating show, “The Bachelor.” While on the show, her journey included an infatuated romance with Matt Grant that resulted in their engagement; unfortunately however, within one year the relationship disintegrated, adding another layer to Shayne’s complicated and public personal life.

How Has Shayne Lamas’ Personal Life Evolved Since Appearing on The Bachelor?

Shayne Lamas’ personal life after “The Bachelorette” took a dramatic transformation. She married Nik Richie, founder of, and they now share two children. Nevertheless, this chapter in Shayne Lamas’ life was filled with both joys and sorrows; losing her mother proved especially difficult.

What Legacy Has Michele Cathy Smith Left behind?

Michele Cathy Smith left behind an everlasting legacy of love and strength for both herself and her two sons Shayne and AJ, which remains apparent today despite public scrutiny on her family and personal trials faced in life. Above all else Michele held herself most dear as a mother who provided love, guidance, advice, lessons learned over many struggles but ultimately gave us all so much in return – memories, lessons that continue to resonate today with loved ones of Michele’s.

Reflection on Michele Cathy Smith’s Life

Michele Cathy Smith’s death marks a reminder of life’s uncertainties and of our interconnection. For Shayne Lamas and her family, this loss represents both mourning and remembering someone who not only was mother but a source of strength despite life’s challenges. Michele was not only motherly figure in life’s pathos but an example of perseverance through hardship; Michele serves as an emblematic example of humanity at its finest! Her journey serves as testament to human complexities while remaining resilient throughout.

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