Judy Jackson Obituary, What Happened To Judy Jackson?

Judith Kiepe Jackson, commonly referred to by those close to her as Judy, led an amazing life that epitomized love, kindness, and dedication. Born on Christmas Day 1942 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey – Judy was known for her vivid tapestry woven of compassion, professional excellence, familial love, and familial support. When she peacefully passed away on November 14, 2023 in Salisbury Maryland it marked not only an end but also began an inspiring legacy which continues today.

Family Ties

Judy was deeply connected to her family. Married to Peter Jackson and blessed with two beautiful daughters in Catherine and Sarah as well as mother-in-law roles for Robert Bean and Clyde Mitchell respectively, Judy knew no boundaries in terms of love or compassion when it came to nurturing this bond with those closest to her. Her life revolved around them, enabling them to flourish within it.

Judy began her professional journey as a nurse upon graduation from Duke University with a Bachelor’s of Nursing degree in 1963, becoming one of the brightest lights of psychogeriatric nursing. With compassion and skill as hallmarks of excellence across different nursing roles including surgery, infection control and nurse liaison in medical-surge units as well as mental-surge units; Judy relocated across both North America and Canada bringing her expertise and warm presence to thousands in need of her care.

Melodic Harmony

Music was at the core of Judy and Peter’s lives, shared as an avid passion between them both. From church choir singing performances in her youth to joining Wicomico Presbyterian Church’s choir even later on in life, their love of music extended far beyond personal enjoyment into community support: Salisbury University scholarships for student musicians as well as supporting local music scenes were just part of this community rooted passion shared together.

Creative Expressions

Judy was known for her exquisite sewing and needlepoint skills. Her home became a showcase for her artistic endeavors with exquisite pillows and pictures reflecting her artistic talents. Since retiring in 2000, Judy embraced technology by integrating computer skills into her sewing craft; creating intricate embroidery on pillowcases, towels and linens which served not only decorative but functional purposes as a testament to her artistic spirit and adaptability.

Canine Companionship Judy had an incredible love for all animals, particularly dogs. Dobermans in particular were her specialty; these beloved family pets became part of Judy’s extended family through their caretaking. Their affection reflected her open heart and nurturing nature.

Judy lived by love. Her actions reflected Mother Teresa’s words about spreading positivity, as she made it her mission to spread warmth and kindness wherever she could. Every interaction was marked by an intention to make everyone happier and feel loved – whether as wife, mother, nurse, friend or any combination thereof. Judy left a significant and far-reaching mark.

Wicomico Presbyterian Church in Salisbury, Maryland will host Judy’s funeral services as a lasting tribute on November 29th and webcast it live so all those she touched may pay their respects. Following the service in the Fellowship Hall will allow friends and family to share memories and honor her life.

Honoring Her Legacy

In lieu of sending flowers, donations should be made to either Peter and Judy Jackson Music Program at Salisbury University or Music and Nursing Student Scholarship Funds as a means to remember Judy while continuing her passions, impacting future generations through them.

Judy Kiepe Jackson lived a life filled with love, selflessness and an intention to improve our world. Her legacy will continue to guide and influence those she leaves behind as we remember Judy. By honoring her life of purposeful living filled with compassion we remember how powerful our lives can be when lived for others.

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