Joe Turner Obituary, Who Was Joe Turner And What Happend To Him!

Who Was Joe Turner?

Joe Turner, longtime resident of Bucyrus, Ohio passed away peacefully at age 74 on January 10, 2019 in Bucyrus Community Hospital. Born March 13, 1944 in Martin Kentucky to Lester and L. Faye (Damron) Turner who have both since passed on; Joe was known to dedicate himself wholeheartedly both his family and work. His life exemplified dedication, love, and passion – particularly towards both family members and his work he had dedicated his time for.

Joe Turner made an enduring commitment to his family life. On April 5, 1975 he wed Deb (Malcolm) Turner in what would prove to be over four decades of partnership before his passing in 2011. Together they raised two sons: Shannon (born 1971) and Jim Turner (1973) as well as their descendants: Blaze, Felisha, Keria Star Brealynn Gage Shelby Turner who are all inheriting pieces of Joe’s spirit and values from him; his legacy continues through them and their descendants who still carry his spirit and values today; even after Shannon passed on, his circle remained intact: brother Jerry Moore as well as sister Gwen Tottingham remain amongst those still around.

Joe contributed significantly to his community through both personal and professional contributions. After retiring from General Dynamics where he assisted in building the M1 A1 Tank as part of its production line, which remains at the core of modern military hardware today, his record at General Dynamics speaks for itself and testifies to Joe’s work ethic and contribution towards modernizing defense capabilities for America.

What Were Joe’s Passions and Hobbies?

Joe was well known in his community for his fascination with cars. This hobby brought people together by sparking discussions and sparking up conversations; Joe shared it with all who crossed his path!

How Did Joe Have an Impact? Joe Turner will always be remembered fondly as being one of those amazing individuals that loved everyone unconditionally without prejudice or animus – the kindest, kindest soul around in both community and acquaintance circles alike. Joe was living proof that anyone’s life could make an impressionful statement through simple acts of kindness and an attitude of empathy towards their fellow beings.

What Can We Learn From Joe Turner’s Life?

Joe Turner exemplifies passion – for career, hobbies or those we hold closest. His dedication to his family, work contributions in his community and ability to bring happiness through passion are lessons in living a meaningful and purposeful life with passions in your heart and passions in mind.

As we remember Joe Turner, we think back on his remarkable life marked by devotion, passion and kindness. His legacy lives on through family members who knew and loved him as well as in shared memories from those whose lives he touched. Joe’s story serves as an inspiring example of what one life can accomplish if lived fully with love and purpose.

Joe Turner’s journey from Kentucky to Ohio, his successful career and passion for cars as an inspiration are an exemplar for us all. By remembering him we commemorate all he stood for while honoring those whose lives he touched – such as us! Joe may no longer be with us physically but his legacy lives on, inspiring future generations with kindness, passion and devotion in living their own lives.

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