Donna Mason Obituary What Was The Reason Behind Her Death?

Who Was Donna Kay Mason? Donna Kay Mason left an indelible mark on Gastonia residents as an aged 75 year old. Born August 21 1948 in Cambridge Ohio to Carl and Lila Lyons she left a legacy of love, dedication, and community service which touched many lives along her journey through life.

What Defined Donna’s Early Years?

Donna was raised in Cambridge where the values instilled by her parents shaped much of her early life and defined both professional and personal decisions throughout. Growing up in such an idyllic town fostered a deep sense of community care she would later use in both professional and personal endeavours.

How has Donna Affected Gaston County?

Donna was an invaluable social worker in Gaston County for years, dedicating herself tirelessly to those in need and being known for her kindness, compassionate heart, and ability to connect with people from various walks of life – providing guidance, support, and assistance to countless individuals and families alike.

What Was Donna’s Role in the Church?

Donna was an enthusiastic member of Southminster Presbyterian Church. Her faith guided every aspect of her life, leading her to serve as deacon and actively engage with various church groups including Covenant Class and Knit-Wits Crochet Group; there she combined crafting with friendship.

How Did Donna Contribute to Children’s Education?

Donna demonstrated her deep commitment to children as an outstanding Sunday school teacher, devoting many hours each Sunday morning to nurturing young minds within her local community by instilling religious knowledge as well as kindness and empathy into young lives. Donna was also involved with volunteering in her church’s nursery – offering care and comfort to its youngest members.

What Was Donna’s Legacy of Support in Supporting Grief?

One of Donna’s greatest contributions was creating the Grief Share Program. Recognizing how profoundly loss impacts individuals’ lives, Donna wanted to provide an outlet where individuals could seek solace, support, and healing – her compassion made this program invaluable to those struggling with loss and grief.

Who Will Carry Donna’s Legacy Forward?

Donna Mason leaves an everlasting legacy through her family. Her loving legacy continues on through Dr. Jim Mason, whom she married, her two daughters Megan Chapman and Catherine Cherry as well as Trevor, son-in-law who continue upholding all that Donna believed was important and treasured in life.

What Joy Has Donna Discovered Through Grandparenthood?

Donna found great fulfillment as a grandmother to Millie James Chapman, Sinclair Catherine Chapman, Ora Banks Chapman, Owen James Cherry (later Luke Mason Cherry), Tate Daniel Cherry and Owen James Cherry III (currently). Donna looked forward to welcoming another baby girl soon into their family unit and was filled with anticipation at what may lie ahead for all three families involved.

How Should Donna Be Remembered?

Donna Kay Mason will always be remembered fondly as an example of love, faith, and service to her community. Her life demonstrated the impact one individual can make by simply being themselves – her legacy lives on through those who knew and met Donna Kay as well as those who will eventually encounter her story in Gastonia or beyond. Donna Kay will forever remain an example to follow and an ongoing reminder of all she accomplished during her brief yet remarkable lifespan.

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